Woodstock’s 9 Best Restaurants

best restaurants in woodstock

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A mere 2.5 km from Cape Town, Woodstock has become a creative, social and cultural hub over the past decade. Bursting at the seams with cafes, art galleries, restaurants and creative agencies, Woodstock has something for everyone, especially when it comes to dining.

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to Woodstock restaurants, whether you’re in the mood for a laid-back lunch with a killer coffee or craving indulgent fine-dining fare. Read on as I break down my favourite restaurants in Woodstock.

1. Best Fine Dining: The Pot Luck Club

The Pot Luck Club, Cape Town

The Pot Luck Club is one of the best restaurants in Woodstock, if not the country itself. Founded by Luke Dale Roberts and spearheaded by head chef Jason Kosmas, this eatery continues to be a fond-favourite among locals and those visiting from abroad.

Roberts and Kosmas’ approach to their exciting plate-sharing tasting menu fare is meant to stimulate all five flavours – sour, salty, sweet, bitter and umami. The location itself is truly unique, sitting on the top floor of the Silo at The Old Biscuit Mill, giving diners magical views of the city’s surrounds.

Then there’s the diverse, delicious menu. There are so many dishes here to mention so I’ll dive into a couple of my favourites.

The cleverly named “Taco 2.0” is an experiential take on a classic, with fresh-from-the-sea line fish, black bean puree, charred corn salsa, avocado and chipotle dressing. The whirlwind of flavours set off explosions in my mouth, perfectly finished by the crunch of the taco shell itself.

Seeing as though I’m a sucker for pork dishes, I have to recommend the Pork Penang Belly – a marriage of peanutty Penang, coconut and pickled onion. You may have had a classic Penang curry before, but never like this.

Must try:

  • Taco 2.0
  • Crispy squid
  • Pork Penang Belly
  • Springbok Tataki
  • Lamb Shank pot pie

Great to know:

  • Booking in advance is recommended.
  • Sundays play host to The Pot Club Brunch, a multi-course experience.

2. Best For Intimate Seasonal Lunches: Table Seven

Table Seven, Cape Town

It would be a crime not to mention Table Seven, an intimate hidden gem of Woodstock. Fancy a place where you can enjoy a meal with a glass of Chenin Blanc while chatting to the chef as he prepares your dishes? Well, Table Seven is that place, offering up an ever-changing daily lunch menu, carefully curated by the talented and versatile Luke Wonnacott.

Luke’s lunches offer a choice of four to five dishes that change daily and always feature fresh and seasonal ingredients.The last time I visited for a late afternoon lunch I was delighted to sample a 28-day aged Coté de Boeuf with Café de Paris, roast potatoes and braised vegetables. This succulent rib-eye steak, prepared to perfection, was served with a rich Wonnacott’s Café de Paris that enhanced each bite with savoury herbs and buttery goodness.On another occasion, I was treated to Kabeljou, poached in a luxurious white wine fish velouté. Every bite of this flaky, flavourful fish was an ode to culinary finesse, accompanied by velvety potatoes and crisp broccoli.Must try

  • Kabeljou and the Coté de BoeufPoached chicken, radicchio and asparagus salad

  • Great to know:
  • Table Seven’s simplistic yet beautiful space can be used for private functions.They also cater for offsite private events.

  • 3. Best Burgers: Redemption Burgers

    Redemption Burgers, Cape Town

    Let’s change gears in a big way. Perhaps you’re on the hunt for something a little more relaxed and unpretentious. Maybe you’re fixing for something meaty and classic. For the best burger in Woodstock – in my humble, meat-addicted opinion – look no further than Redemption Burgers.

    To be honest, I haven’t sampled many of the burgers on this simple yet effective menu, but Redemption’s Straight Ace Burger is always the winner – a 200 g handcrafted beef patty crowned with organic cheddar, house-made tomato relish, gherkins, and sweet mustard mayo. It never fails to hit the mark.

    Must try:

    • Straight ace burger
    • Fokof Lager – a great, local craft beer that pairs well with beef

    Great to know:

    4. Best Deli Lunch: Salisburys

    Salisburys, Cape Town

    Saliburys is my go-to coffee, breakfast and deli spot when I’m on the hunt for amazing cheeses, farm-fresh produce and cold meats. If you’re starting the day with a hike and want to fuel up for the walk around Devils Peak, why not grab their scrumptious gypsy ham, emmental cheese and mustard mayo on a wholewheat sandwich?

    If you’ve got time to sit down, Saliburys’ smoked salmon and scrambled egg, served on a toasted croissant is absolutely remarkable. And if you’re looking for a meal minus the carbs, their roasted veggie salad with rocket and balsamic reduction is tasty.

    The restaurant space is not huge and can get quite busy, but if you’re in the mood for a mountain view and a lovely breeze, they do offer outside seating too.

    Must try:

    • Gyspy ham sandwich
    • Smoked salmon and scrambled egg croissant

    Great to know:

    • Want a bottle of vino? Salisbury is also a wine shop with a stellar selection of local favourites.

    5. Best Light Meals: Cafe Euphoria

    Cafe Euphoria, Cape Town

    Cafe Euphoria in Woodstock offers a refreshing twist on brunch with its innovative breakfast bao bun. I indulged in this unique dish, which is a delightful amalgamation of flavours and textures. The perfectly steamed bao bun housed a medley of tastes – hoisin sauce adding subtle sweetness, crispy bacon, soft scrambled eggs, and refreshing cucumber, all accentuated by Japanese mayo.

    The combination of these elements created a harmonious, yet unconventional, breakfast experience.

    Meanwhile, my partner explored the diverse tapas menu, starting with the parmesan cauliflower bites. These crispy delights came with a garlic ranch dressing, a satisfying crunch on the outside and a tender cauliflower texture within.

    Another tapas highlight was the Parmesan & Coconut Crumbed Mushrooms accompanied by homemade tartare sauce

    The entire dining experience at Cafe Euphoria was marked by its unpretentious yet delicious food, creating a relaxed and laid-back ambience perfect for casual dining.

    Must try:

    • The Breakfast Bao
    • The Short Rib Bao
    • The Parmesan Cauliflower Bites

    Great to know:

    • Euphoria is a breakfast and lunch spot. Don’t rock up for dinner though, they’ll be closed.

    6. Best Sushi: Osushi Woodstock

    Osushi Woodstock

    In Cape Town’s abundance of sushi spots, pinpointing the best can be a challenge. Among the standout options, Osushi Woodstock is a hidden gem, offering exceptional sushi at pocket-friendly prices. As the sole sushi haven in Woodstock, Osushi embodies an air of laid-back charm, exuding an unpretentious ambience.

    Its minimalist decor emphasises the star of the show: the mouthwatering sushi selection. During my visit to Oshusi, I revelled in the freshness and delightful flavours of each plate. While my penchant for salmon roses persisted, I also ventured beyond and tried several other sushi options.

    I loved their dragon rolls, each bite a testament to the sushi chef’s meticulous preparation. But, the tuna sashimi stole the show for me – impressively fresh and generously portioned, delivering a true taste of the ocean.

    Must try:

    • Salmon roses
    • Prawn bean curd
    • Fresh handrolls
    • Tuna sashimi

    Great to know:

    • If you’re into sharing, Osushi offers several platter options at great prices, which can also be ordered as takeaways.

    7. Best For Authentic Korean: Kimchi Express

    Kimchi Express, Cape Town

    South Korean cuisine has certainly grown in popularity over the last decade in Cape Town and Kimchi Express Woodstock is perhaps one of the best on offer. Situated at the Double Tree By The Hilton Hotel in Woodstock, Kimchi is a delight for the purist and newbie to Korean fare.

    With friendly service, knowledgeable staff, fair prices and great Korean food, you’re in for a treat. Stepping into Kimchi Express in Woodstock was a journey through Korean culinary excellence. Their deep-fried chicken (KFC-style) is a crispy marvel, each bite tender and juicy with a satisfying crunch.

    I also tried their Pork Kang Poa, which has a bold blend of spices, offering a welcome yet spicy kick. I was pretty hungry when I visited so I also tried a Korean favourite: Bulgogi. Kimchi Express showcased the mastery of marinated beef, each mouthful bursting with perfection.

    Must try:

    • Perfect Bulgogi
    • Kimchi as a side dish
    • Authentic soju
    • Pork Kang Poa
    • Kimchi KFC

    Great to know:

    • They also offer fantastic vegetarian options, including amazing Tofu dishes.

    8. The Best Of The Best: The Test Kitchen Fledglings

    The Test Kitchen Fledglings, Cape Town

    I would probably get a lot of blowback if I wrote a list of the best Woodstock restaurants and failed to mention The Test Kitchen Fledglings. Previously, Luke Dale Roberts’ Old Biscuit Mill restaurant was known as The Test Kitchen, but that has since closed down for good. The Test Kitchen Fledglings is Dale Roberts’ new venture and is known as a “learning kitchen”.

    What does this mean? Simply put, TKK Fledglings is a restaurant where people with no specific knowledge of the hospitality industry train on-site while working at the restaurant and earning a salary. It’s a pretty cool idea, although I know some of you might be alarmed, especially when attending a fine dining institution.

    I can assure you that TKK Fledgings is a must-do experience. Firstly, you’re supporting Luke Dale Roberts’ future endeavours and fledgling chefs. Secondly, the food is fantastic and the interior is awe-inspiring.

    My TKK Fledgling experience offered a “Fully Fledged” tasting menu of five delightful courses. The journey began with summer sushi, followed by the textured harmony of the tuna nem. The standout was the aromatic duck pancake, a medley of flavours dancing on the palate. This was followed by the impeccably tender karoo lamb, richly complemented by fig and goat cheese polenta.

    Finishing with tiramisu, the experience was notable, though not the best I’ve had. Overall, my TKK Fledgling experience left a lasting impression with its meticulously crafted courses and varied flavours, making it a memorable dining journey.

    Must try:

    • Fully Fledged Tasting Menu

    Great to know:

    • Luke Dale Roberts is also the founder of The Pot Luck Club, Salon, and The Shortmarket Club.

    9. Best Traditional Italian: Scarpetta

    Scarpetta, Cape Town

    Scarpetta is a little-known secret gem in the heart of Woodstock. Owned by Ricky Turilli, who runs the show both in the kitchen and front of the house, this Italian eatery boasts really good Italian cuisine without any pretentiousness.

    Upon my arrival, I was advised by Turilli to dine the Italian way – to eat an antipasto, pasta, main and dessert. “No problem,” I said, forewarning him that my appetite was that of a nonna’s.

    I embarked on Turilli’s dining experience with the carpaccio which featured oh-so-paper-thin beef, christened with a zesty mustard dressing, peppery rocket and wisps of Parmigiano. Following my antipasto course, I tucked into the signature bolognese, made with melt-in-your-mouth beef ragu, sweet Italian tomatoes, red wine and slow-cooked to perfection.

    For the main course, even though the ragu already had me beat, I opted for the Osso Bucco, savouring the tender veal knuckle in all its slow-cooked glory.

    As my final indulgence, I went for my go-to dessert: tiramisu. Made with local mascarpone and espresso-soaked Italian biscuits, each bite unveiled a delicate balance of velvety richness of the mascarpone that intermingled with the bold essence of the coffee-drenched biscuits.

    Must try:

    • Carpaccio
    • Caprese salad (I stole a few bites from my partner)
    • Best bolognese in Woodstock

    Great to know:

    • Scarpetta has no liquor license, so you’ll need to bring along your own wine.


    When is the best time to explore Woodstock?

    Woodstock thrives with energy every day, but the evenings and weekends are when the neighbourhood truly comes alive, offering a vibrant ambience and an electrifying nightlife.

    How can I navigate around Woodstock, Cape Town?

    Woodstock offers a range of transportation options, including buses, taxis, rideshare services, and the local transit system. Taking a leisurely stroll through Woodstock, especially during a sunny summer day, unveils its unique charm.

    Is it safe in Woodstock, Cape Town?

    Generally, Woodstock is considered safe, especially during daylight hours and when customary safety precautions are observed. As in any urban area, it’s wise to stay mindful of your surroundings.

    Do Woodstock’s eateries cater to dietary preferences?

    Most eateries in Woodstock are accommodating and provide options for diverse dietary needs, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free choices.

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