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At the heart of our ethos is the conviction that your life shouldn’t be wasted in an office cubicle. Technology has changed the way we live and work. Digital nomads need only a laptop and a wifi connection to live and work from anywhere. So why not move to Cape Town for a year? Get to know this incredible city through our blog, you’ll be packing your bags before you’ve finished reading.

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We all know that too much screen-time is bad for our health and yet it’s easy to go from morning to evening without a break from the screen. Start using remote working and flexible hours to your advantage and spend more time outdoors. We’ve rounded up the best hikes to get you out of your desk chair and away from your screen.

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Is Cape Town Safe?

We get asked these questions often; “Is Cape Town a safe destination to travel to?” and “Are the crime rates in South Africa high”. Our answer is that every city in the world has crime. Yes, South Africa has high unemployment rates and crime rates tend to follow the same trend. You should be smart whenever you travel to a new place. Keep valuables locked in your hotel room safe, use a theft proof backpack for your laptop and keep your wits about you. But don’t let a fear for safety keep you from experiencing this beautiful city!

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