9 Best Steakhouses In Cape Town

best steakhouses in cape town

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If you’re a meat connoisseur or just love a good steak, you want a steakhouse that delivers on your expectations. Life’s too short to eat, and pay, for an underwhelming rump or ribeye. Over the years that I’ve lived in Cape Town, I’ve staked out the scene and made notes of the best steak joints across the province.

Whether you’re a foodie, a tourist exploring Cape Town, or a local searching for a great fillet or venison, join me as we tour nine of the city’s finest steakhouses in a quest to find the best steak establishment in town.

1. Best Overall Steakhouse – The Hussar Grill, Camps Bay

  • Address: Shop 2, 108 Camps Bay Drive (7 km from CBD)
  • Hours: 5:30 pm – 11 pm, Monday – Saturday; 12 pm – 11 pm on Sunday
  • Steak prices: R200 – R500

Perched above glitzy Camps Bay, Hussar Grill is a steak lover’s paradise. I try and get there every few months for the fantastic fillet on the bone. Hussar captures the succulent essence of this cut and the juicy flavours drawn from the bone and marrow.

The Hussar Grill promises Class-A beef, venison, and game. The meats are wet-aged for a minimum of 28 days. While the original Hussar Grill in Rondebosch has been serving splendid steaks for 60 years, the Camps Bay venue takes the experience to another level.

In summer, try and arrive before sunset. Sipping a Glenmorangie and watching the sun slip beneath the golden horizon is pretty special. The cocktail menu also contains a bunch of tempting sundowner options – margaritas, berry mojitos, or martinis are all on the menu. On the other hand, the wine menu boasts some of the finest wines from the Western Cape region.

The Hussar name is now franchised and there are nearly 10 outlets in the Mother City. I’ve visited the Rondebosch and Mouille Point venues and can confirm they are also top-notch.

For its setting, sublime steaks, inspired drinks list, and quality service, the Hussar Grill Camps Bay is currently my top Cape Town steakhouse.

Tip: It’s advised to make a reservation before your visit (this applies to most of the steakhouses on this list).

2. Best for Ribs – Barristers Grill, Newlands

Barristers Grill, Newlands
  • Address: Cardiff Castle, Kildare Rd, Newlands (10km from CBD)
  • Hours: 11 am – 10 pm, Monday – Sunday
  • Prices: R160 – R330

Nestled in leafy Newlands, Barristers Grill is a happy hunting ground for beef lovers. Regulars swear that Barristers plates the best steak in Cape Town.

Barristers has a well-deserved reputation for awesome ribs. The pork ribs I had here last time I visited were prepared to perfection, tender, and served with a delectable basting.

The wine cellar carries a wide variety and surely offers something for every palate.

If you have even the hint of a sweet tooth, you will find the desserts irresistible. The dark chocolate cheesecake is wickedly exquisite. Alternatively, the hot chocolate sauce that accompanies the ice cream is rich and decadent.

The venue comprises a small deck, a breezy bar, plus a cosy inner room and courtyard. Regular live music also adds to the cheery atmosphere.

For convenience, there is ample parking close to the restaurant.

NoteCape Town parking attendants: Some streets in the city are patrolled by car guards who watch over your vehicle while you’re shopping or dining (it’s a type of informal employment). Tipping your guard R10 – R20 after a night out is common practice.

Barristers is 1km down the road from the historic Foresters Arms pub. Feel free to drop past the buzzing Foresters beer garden for a draught of cider while you’re in the area.

3. Best for Fillet – Cattle Baron, De Waterkant

Cattle Baron, De Waterkant
  • Address: Capital Hotel, The Mirage Building, Corner Chiappini & Strand Street
  • Hours: 12 pm – 10:30 pm, Monday – Saturday; 12 pm – 10 pm on Sunday
  • Prices: R210 – R300

Some of the best steaks in town are found in De Waterkant. At Cattle Baron, De Waterkant, you can select your preferred cut from the butcher’s block. Once you’ve ordered, sit back in a comfortable booth and savour a cab sav or enjoy a cocktail on the outdoor patio. Rest assured your taste buds are in good hands.

I love the fillet here, cooked medium rare, with a side of chips and creamed spinach. While the basting is usually flavouring enough for me, I occasionally dip into a peppercorn or chimichurri sauce – they are just so darn tempting. The service, style, and wine list are all top-drawer.

The venue doesn’t charge corkage which is a win if you’re watching your spend or have an extra tasty bottle of wine at home that you’d like to tuck into.

Fun fact: De Waterkant is a popular tourist zone and the city’s main LBGTQ+ hub.

Other Cattle Baron venues are dotted around Cape Town, from Constantia to Simonstown, Plattekloof to Pinelands, and Tyger Waterfront. While the franchise concept sometimes gets a bad rap, all of the Barons I’ve visited have delivered the goods. The name represents a smart-casual dining experience for families, friends, and business people.

Note: Like most of the best steakhouses in the Western Cape, the menu here also includes seafood, vegetarian, chicken, and other meal options.

4. Best for Waygu Beef – Brad’s Grill, Sea Point

Brad's Grill, Sea Point
  • Address: 57 Regent Road Sea Point (5km from CBD)
  • Hours: 5 pm – 10:30 pm, Monday – Sunday
  • Prices: R220 – R500

This restaurant might be a relatively new kid on the block but the owner has won awards for the best steak in Cape Town. In fact, owner Brad Steele has been serving excellent steaks in the city for over 40 years.

Brad’s Grill in lively Sea Point is his current venture. He previously ran Brad’s Grill in Harfield Village which drew meat enthusiasts from all over the city. While the Sea Point venue also serves gorgeous seafood, Brad hasn’t neglected his staple: excellent aged steaks. Fillet on the bone, ribeye, tomahawk, and an award-winning pepper fillet are among the most popular dishes.

One of the restaurant’s specialties is 250g of wagyu beef (marble score 9/10) which is spectacular in terms of its rich, complex flavours. The interesting wine selection is also a testament to expert pairing. Two tasty vegetable sides and chips accompany your meal at no extra charge.

The owner manages the service actively, being a visible and social host. Some people may find this annoying, but you can’t fault Brad’s dedication to service, quality and excellence.

5. Best Steakhouse Pub – Pirates Steakhouse, Plumstead

Pirates Steakhouse, Plumstead
  • Address: 160 Main Rd, Plumstead
  • Hours: Early to Late
  • Price: R150-R320

Entering the nautically themed Pirates you are welcomed into a low-ceiling galley of burnished dark woods and hearty hospitality. This steakhouse and pub is located in suburban Plumstead, 16km from the CBD. This restaurant is an institution in these parts.

Dedicated to great food and good vibes, Pirates has a loyal and passionate following.

The restaurant’s affordable rump and ribs are generous, juicy, and very satisfying. They compare strongly with the more upmarket Cattle Baron in neighbouring Constantia.

The Pirates Group, which includes three other nearby venues (Bounce Bar, Havana Nights, and Mambo’s), provides much of the nightlife entertainment in the deep Southern Suburbs. If you would like to enjoy the social scene, just keep an eye on your belongings and be mindful of safety measures while drinking. Locals flock to the area to let their hair down and dance, watch sports, sing karaoke, or just chill.

Parking is usually available within 40 metres of Pirates. For added security, the door crew marshals the area vigilantly.

6. Best for Italian-Style Steak – Carne Kloof

Carne Kloof
  • Address: 153 Kloof Street, Gardens 
  • Hours: 6 pm – 10 pm, Monday – Saturday and 12 pm – 3 pm, Friday – Saturday
  • Prices: R210 – R475

For carnivores seeking a touch of the Meditteranean, look no further than Carne Kloof. As the name suggests, this cool spot is located on Kloof Street – one of my go-to streets for restaurants and cafes in the Mother City (Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, Portuguese, Turkish, and Cafe Society are some of the Kloof Street flavours).

A great selection of meats awaits you at Carne, including a game trifecta of springbok, wildebeest, and kudo. My recommendation is the La Bistecca Carne (spider or oyster steak), which is finely marbled to ensure juice and flavour. The cut is presented with Italian seasoning and herbs and is genuinely melt-in-your-mouth tender. A fresh veggie side dish compliments the steak beautifully.

The venue is stylishly appointed in brick and honeyed woods. A small outside section has a sidewalk cafe vibe. In summer, you can delight in the balmy evening air and atmosphere of this foodie hood. And in winter, the venue is cosy and inviting.

7. Best for Home Hospitality – Nelson’s Eye, Gardens

Nelson's Eye, Gardens
  • Address: Nelson’s Eye,9 Hof Street, Gardens
  • Hours: 5 pm – 10 pm, Monday – Sunday
  • Price: R270 – R500

Another Cape Town institution, Nelson’s Eye has served a selection of matured, super-grade steak for 60 years. This unpretentious steakhouse on the fringes of the city looks and feels like a friendly local inn.

Come to Nelson’s Eye for the ribeye, T-bone, or game. Stay for the splendid wine and friendly service (you can bring your own wine but the corkage charge of R150 is quite pricey).

Nelson’s Eye is 100 metres from the famous Mount Nelson Hotel. So, why not enjoy a tipple at the fabulous ‘Nellie’ and stroll the gardens before you head over to the grill for your sumptuous cut of meat?

8. Best for Wines and Steak – Belthazar, V&A Waterfront

Belthazar, V&A Waterfront
  • Address: Shop 154 Victoria Wharf, V&A Waterfront
  • Hours: 12 pm – 10 pm, Monday – Sunday
  • Prices: R225 – R500

Don’t think you can’t find a good steak in the touristy V&A Waterfront. Belthazar Grill & Seafood is my best Waterfront pick for steaks. This chic restaurant with its fab outside views of Table Mountain and the harbour serves export-quality grain and grass-fed beef. It also features a rich selection of local game dishes. Think kudo, blesbok, gemsbok, and even (surprisingly tender and tasty) crocodile.

A superb selection of fresh seafood is also available. To complement the cuisine, Belthazar offers a terrific selection of wines by the glass. Over 250 of the Cape’s finest vintages have been curated by experienced sommeliers for your tasting pleasure.

The venue incorporates a waterfront terrace and has a casual yet classy ambience. Its secure, vibrant setting and lovely views make for a very pleasant outing with romantic potential.

9. Best for Flame-Cooked Steak – Don Armando, De Waterkant

  • Address: 20 Cobern Street, De Waterkant
  • Hours: 12 pm – 4 pm and 5 pm – 10 pm, Tuesday – Saturday
  • Prices: R220-R420

Don Armando is an intimate gem tucked away at the edge of the De Waterkant. The restaurant specialises in Argentinean meats cooked on an open flame.

Don Armando has received many positive reviews for its first-grade steak. I recently had the pleasure of sampling the Argentinian short rib. The meat was succulent, the flavours impressive, and the fat nice and crispy. A zesty vegetable side was a perfect compliment.

The restaurant boasts a decent wine menu as well, with smart attention to food pairing.

With its cosy ambience, attentive service, generous portions, and unique flavour, Don Armando joins my list as a worthy addition. The restaurant is one of the best places to sample a first-grade steak in Cape Town.

Best Steak Cuts

Here are some of Cape Town’s popular cuts:

  • Fillet: Fillet is cut from the tenderloin area and is the leanest of the steaks. It contains very little marbling, giving it a buttery-smooth texture. The delicate taste of this cut comes with a melt-in-your-mouth quality.
  • Ribeye: Ribeye is a generously marbled steak cut from the ribs. It is known for its rich flavour, tenderness, and good juices.
  • Rump: Rump is cut from the hindquarter of the beef and is known for being tasty and firm in texture. Rump offers a good balance between tenderness and a robust beefy taste. The cut’s slight marbling adds juiciness and flavour.
  • T-Bone: The T-Bone consists of two steaks – a tenderloin and a strip cut – separated by a T-shaped bone. It’s the best of both worlds, offering leanness and marbling.
  • Sirloin: Sirloin is cut from the hip area and provides a satisfying, beefy taste with a medium amount of marbling and nice tenderness. Sirloin is usually a more affordable cut.


Are there good steakhouses near the Cape Town CBD?

There are several good steakhouses in and near the CBD. Some of the best are Cattle Baron (De Waterkant), Don Armando, Iron Steak and Bar, The Famous Butchers Grill, and the Butcher Shop Grill (Mouille Point).

What is the best steakhouse in Cape Town’s townships?

One of the best places for steaks in the township (or eKasi) is Mzoli’s Place, in Gugulethu. Mzoli’s is not your traditional steakhouse. Here, steaks, chops, and sausages are grilled barbecue style to mouthwatering effect. Rands in Khayelitsha is another popular spot for meat lovers.

While these places do serve good food, they are not generally that safe to travel to.

How long should you age a steak for?

To bring out the taste and tenderness, a quality steak should be matured for at least three weeks. If you are cooking your own steak, a traditional South African braai is an excellent cooking method.

What is marbling on a steak?

Marbling on a steak is the visible intramuscular fat within the meat that appears as white streaks or specks. Marbling enhances flavour, tenderness and juiciness, making the meat soft and succulent.

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