The 10 Best Things To Do In Rawsonville

things to do in rawsonville

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Rawsonville… blink and you’ll miss it!

This small town is situated just off the N1 highway, but if you’re not aiming for Rawsonville, you won’t even know it is there. It is overshadowed by the much larger, busier and modern Worcester nearby.

But Rawsonville has a fair amount of things to do, especially if you enjoy your wine. There are wine farms aplenty, each serving up a new bouquet of flavours. And – where there is fine wine, there is food!

I am not the biggest wine drinker you’ll come across, but I still really appreciated the beauty of this wine route. And if you look just beyond Rawsonville you will find some other fun things to do that exclude any type of alcohol.

Whether you want to go to Worcester and see what’s nearby, or have Rawsonville as your final destination, here are my 10 best things to do in Rawsonville and surrounds.

1. Opstal Estate & Restaurant

Opstal Estate & Restaurant in Rawsonville is a tranquil escape where vineyards, mountains, and Cape Dutch architecture converge to create a picturesque setting

Best for: Families, al fresco dining

Distance from Rawsonville: 10 km; 10 mins

Cost: ~R160 per pizza; R70 for the wine tasting (five wines)


Opstal Estate and Restaurant in the Slanghoek Valley is a wonderful place to stop by for a late lunch (since they close at 5 p.m.). My partner and I decided to treat ourselves to a romantic meal, and we weren’t disappointed by the quality of the food and the lovely staff.

We were delighted to learn that their menu is seasonal, which means when we go back we’ll get to try some new dishes. They had their summer menu on offer while we were there, so we shared some chilli poppers for a starter before tucking into their incredible pizzas. The Classic Pepperoni is classic for a reason and I highly recommend you try it! They also have vegetarian options available.

We’re not big wine drinkers (which is a pity, since the Western Cape has some of the best wine in the world!), but we did order a bottle of the Kumusha Flame Lily white blend and it was a refreshing accompaniment to the pizzas.

If you don’t want to drink and drive, there are a couple of accommodation units on the farm that you can stay at, but I’d recommend you book well in advance – the waiter told us they’re almost always full.

2. Badsberg Wine Cellar

Badsberg Wine Cellar in Rawsonville is a celebrated winemaking destination where the legacy of the Breedekloof Valley's vineyards unfolds

Best for: Muscadel lovers

Distance from Rawsonville: 7 km; 8 mins

Cost: Wine tastings from R30 for five wines


You guessed it: Badsberg Wine Cellar lies at the foot of Badsberg Mountain.

It was established back in 1951, and ever since then, the winemakers have honed their skills to bring visitors and wine lovers some of the best wines in the region. What really stands out is their fortified wines, such as the Badsberg Red Muscadel.

I don’t usually drink a sweet wine after lunch, but one sip of the muscadel and I knew I had to take a bottle home with me. The hanepoot was also nice, but a bit too sweet for my liking.

The wine farm is located in a conservancy, which means they take active steps to protect indigenous plants and animals. The wine industry can be very disruptive to the ecology, so it helps to know they actually care about nature.

Now – onto the tasting. If you’re there in winter, you must order the soup platter. A warming soup is paired with freshly baked bread, cheeses and cured meat. It goes perfectly with a glass of red or one of those fortified wines I mentioned earlier.

They also have a cheese platter (R80). Although I didn’t try it myself, when reading what is on there I can imagine it pairs well with their selection of wines.

I found Badsberg very affordable and I think it’s the perfect spot for a lazy afternoon of eating and drinking.

3. Deetlefs Wine Estate

Deetlefs Wine Estate in Rawsonville is a family-owned winemaking haven with a legacy dating back to 1822

Best for: History buffs

Distance from Rawsonville: 1.7 km; 5 min

Cost: R70 for six wines


Deetlefs Wine Estate is so close to town, that if you’re looking for things to do in Rawsonville that you can walk to, then this is it! A beautiful, short stroll takes you past the high school and into the vineyards before you walk right through the gates of this gorgeous wine estate.

Deetlefs is the second oldest wine estate in South Africa that’s still owned by the same family, and each of the seven generations since 1822 has left its mark on the historic property.

Vines in this valley ripen slower than elsewhere in the country, which gives the grapes – and the wines – a pleasingly full flavour. The Deetlefs Stonecross Chardonnay (unwooded) became an instant favourite for me, which is really saying something because I tend to skip the Chardonnay when I’m in the liquor store.

The Deetlefs Familie Range should also not be missed. These bottles are on the pricier side, but the Signature Malbec is well worth the price once you get that first whiff of blackberries and nutmeg.

I was incredibly fortunate to be served by winemaker and member of the family, Philip Deetlefs. His passion for the wine is contagious, and I left feeling not like a guest but a good friend.

4. Merwida Wine Cellar

Merwida Wine Cellar in Rawsonville is a destination that encapsulates the rich heritage of the Breedekloof Valley's winemaking

Best for: Wine lovers

Distance from Rawsonville: 3.8 km; 5 min

Cost: Wine tasting prices on request


A 5-minute drive from Rawsonville will transport you to another world! Merwida is surrounded by vineyards and natural beauty, with a lovely view of the mountains in the distance. You’ll feel completely isolated once you park at the estate.

Seven generations of Van der Merwes have worked the land here, which has resulted in the highest quality wine I’ve tasted in Rawsonville. That’s saying something, since Rawsonville is completely surrounded by vineyards!

We could choose from one of three tastings and decided to go for the Huis Te Merwede range, so I can’t speak to the Merwida or Papenkuils ranges. Both the Red and White Huis Te Merwede wines were full-bodied, fruity, and lingered on the palate. Joel was a wonderful host, sharing stories of the farm and the family. He made the experience that much more special.

You don’t have to sample the viticulture when you’re there though. Cecile’s Tea Room is an equally great attraction, serving homemade cakes (the red velvet is a must) and freshly brewed coffee.

5. Du Preez Estate

Du Preez Estate in Rawsonville is a hidden gem in the heart of the Breedekloof Valley, where boutique winemaking meets scenic tranquility

Best for: Scenic views

Distance from Rawsonville: 3.7 km; 5 min

Cost: Price on request


Okay – I admit that almost everywhere in Rawsonville is incredibly scenic. Located in the Breedekloof Valley, on a farm with a long history, Du Preez is far enough from town to make you feel like nowhere else exists on Earth.

I found myself staring in awe at the massive, ancient oak trees and the towering mountains in the distance. The buildings on the farm have been modernised but still hold on tightly to their historic charm.

And the wines… my goodness! I didn’t do a full tasting but decided to sip on their Hendrik Lodewyk Cap Classique Brut and take in my surroundings.

Just make sure you keep a keen eye on your watch if you want to try their bubbly for yourself – their tasting room closes at 1 p.m. on Saturdays and 5 p.m. on Fridays.

6. Du Toitskloof Wines

Du Toitskloof Wines in Rawsonville is a renowned winemaking destination nestled in the amazing Breedekloof Valley

Best for: Groups of friends

Distance from Rawsonville: 5.4 km; 6 min

Cost: Wine tasting from R50; R30 for a day pass to the trails


Du Toitskloof (DTK) Wines is a must-stop destination in Rawsonville. It is conveniently located just off the N1, which means you can drop in for a quick pizza, a coffee at Ou Meul Bakery, or linger longer for some wine.

Let’s start with the wine tasting, since that was what I particularly enjoyed when we visited DTK. There are ten curated wine tastings to choose from, or you can create your own by selecting four wines, which is what I did. They also have cheese platters, bar snacks and pizza if you need some sustenance after all that wine!

As mentioned, there’s an Ou Meul Bakery at the estate, which my partner was super excited about since she was the designated driver. They serve fresh pastries, pies, smoothies, juices and sandwiches. There were vegan and vegetarian options available, although she opted for their Chicken Pesto Sandwich.

What really makes DTK such a destination is that they go beyond just filling your belly with food and wine. There are also trail runs and mountain biking trails available on the farm. You should just phone in advance since heavy rain can flood the routes. There are showers available so you can rinse off before tucking into one of their delicious pizzas after your ride.

7. ATKV Goudini Spa

ATKV Goudini Spa in Rawsonville is a rejuvenating retreat set against the picturesque backdrop of the Breedekloof Valley

Best for: Relaxation

Distance from Rawsonville: 5.8 km; 8 min

Cost: Camping from R630 per night; villas from R1500 per night


After all the wine drinking you definitely deserve a break. Goudini is a unique destination in the Western Cape as it consists of natural hot springs on the slope of the Boland mountains.

You can stop by for the day, but only if the resort is less than 80% full.

We spent the whole weekend there which I would definitely recommend. Some of the accommodation options we walked past are a bit on the old side, but we stayed in the Slanghoek Villa (three bedrooms) and were pleasantly surprised by the modern amenities and lovely balcony – as well as the private pool reserved exclusively for the villas.

Now onto the real reason we went to Goudini: the spa!

There is no shortage of facilities at the resort. Take your pick from:

  • Two heated outdoor swimming pools
  • Mineral baths
  • A hot tub
  • An indoor heated pool
  • Tennis courts
  • An outdoor gym
  • Mini golf
  • Braai areas and picnic areas
  • A jacuzzi
  • The relaxation spa (for spa treatments)
  • Several restaurants and takeaways

This place offered hours of entertainment and rejuvenation. When the weekend was over we didn’t really want to leave.

8. Tierkloof 4×4 Trail

Tierkloof 4x4 Trail in Rawsonville is an off-road enthusiast's haven, offering an exhilarating adventure amidst the rugged landscapes of the Breedekloof Valley

Best for: Adventure enthusiasts

Distance from Rawsonville: 10.6 km; 11 min

Cost: R200 per vehicle for 4×4; R250 per night per campsite (four people)


Tierkloof is a destination in itself, but if you’re not into the outdoors and adventure you might not really enjoy it. Luckily I am very much into nature and thrills, so I was very happy when we arrived at the Tierkloof Campsite and settled in. The campsite is located right on the Brandvlei Dam and is the perfect base to explore the 4×4 trail.

Now, I’m not a 4×4 driver myself, but luckily I have some friends with powerful cars who enjoy taking on tough trails.

The 4×4 route at Tierkloof is definitely not for beginners! You start with a super rocky ascent up into the mountain, littered with loose rocks and boulders. The part of the 12 km loop I enjoyed the most was the sand section – it was a real surprise and the guys got to deflate their tires and skid around a bit, trying hard not to get stuck.

After an exhausting day of holding on in the backseat, I was grateful to be able to dip into the dam and try to catch some fish for dinner (unsuccessfully).

Even if you don’t take on the 4×4 trails, you can still enjoy the dam and the hiking routes if you decide to book a campsite for the night. The activities at Tierkloof are only for 4×4 customers and campers, so sadly day visitors will have to miss out.

9. Bloomia Tulip Farm

Best for: Flower lovers

Distance from Rawsonville: 7.9 km; 10 mins

Cost: Price on request

Contact: +27(0) 23 004 0142

First things first: Bloomia is not your usual thing to do in Rawsonville, because you can only visit it by appointment.

Bloomia is a working tulip farm, using hydroponics to grow tulips not only for Woolworths in South Africa but for America too! It is actually one of the only tulip farms in South Africa that provides tulips year-round.

Walking through the Bloomia Tulip Nursery is like being transported to the Netherlands. It is such a treat to see the tulips in full bloom, and learning about the farming techniques will have any plant lover in raptures.

10. Klipbokkop Mountain Reserve

Klipbokkop Mountain Reserve in Rawsonville is a pristine wilderness sanctuary, inviting nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers to immerse themselves in the untamed beauty of the Western Cape

Best for: 4×4 training

Distance from Rawsonville: 45 km; 40 min

Cost: Depends on the size of the group


If you’re looking for a weekend away in nature and isolation, then Klipbokkop is your dream destination.

This reserve offers 4×4 training programs, teaching you to drive in diverse terrains. When you check into the Adventure Academy, you get to stay in one of the 20 luxury en-suite rooms, complete with air conditioning.

You can book the training as a group, or individuals can book on certain dates when other people will join them for a group training session.

You’ll learn to drive up steep mountain tracks, grip through sand pits, and learn handling in an old disused quarry.

Thrill seekers who want to learn to 4×4 – or those wanting to refresh their skills – will have a great time tackling the trails at Klipbokkop.

Rawsonville Information

Getting there

I am going to assume Cape Town is your starting point. Take the N1 highway out of the city and just keep going. You will eventually reach the toll gate at the Huguenot Tunnel (or you can cross over the mountain pass for free, but it takes much longer).

On the other side of the tunnel, near the Rawsonville weighbridge, you will turn right onto the R101 and follow it until you turn right again on Brand Street which takes you right into the town centre.

The entire drive from Cape Town is about 93 km and can take around 1 hour 30 mins.

Best time to visit

Autumn (March to May) is the best time to visit if you enjoy wine, as it is harvest season. There is often live music and events happening in the area around that time.

Spring is also a lovely time since the fynbos is in bloom and you will be treated to wonderful, delicate flowers wherever you look.

But in general, Rawsonville is pretty great throughout the year. Summer can get scalding hot, so it’s best to book a place with a pool if you plan on spending the night.

Nearby towns

  • Worcester: 20 km; 22 mins
  • Slanghoek Valley: 12 km; 12 mins
  • Breede River: 23 km; 20 mins
  • Paarl: 27 km; 35 mins


What’s the best way to get around Rawsonville for international visitors?

Renting a car is the only way you will manage to visit all the things to do in the area. Most of the sights and wine farms are under 10 km from the town, but too far to get there on foot.

Are there any local festivals in Rawsonville?

There’s almost always something happening in and around Rawsonville if you know who to ask. The Breedekloof Wine Valley website lists up-and-coming events, like trail runs, wine festivals and art exhibitions in the area.

Is Rawsonville family-friendly?

Although a lot of the activities in Rawsonville involve drinking wine, it’s still a family-friendly destination! The wine estates always cater to the little ones, and there are also family activities like 4×4 trips, camping and fishing to enjoy.

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