The Top 10 Things To Do In Ceres

things to do in ceres

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Ceres may seem like a nondescript little town tucked away in a vast mountain range, but this quaint area has plenty to do and see.

It is the perfect day trip from Cape Town if you want to get away from the city, although honestly, with everything there is to do in Ceres, I’d recommend you drive the 1.5 hours and make a weekend of it.

The first time I went to the Ceres Valley I didn’t really know what to expect, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover plenty of adrenaline-pumping outdoor activities and some of the best meals I’ve had in South Africa.

Because I don’t want to keep all these fun adventures to myself, I’ve compiled a list of the 10 best things to do in Ceres – it’s enough to keep you busy for a whole week!

1. Ceres Zipslide Adventures

Ceres Zipslide Adventures is an adrenaline-seeker's paradise, offering an exhilarating experience as participants soar across Ceres Valley's stunning landscapes

Best for: The whole family

Distance from Ceres: In town

Estimated cost: R500 per person over the age of 3 years

Contact: info@

I’ll be the first to admit I am terrified of heights. And I don’t mean I get mildly dizzy – it is a full-body, weak-in-the-knees experience. So you can imagine my hesitation to book a zipline tour when I got a glimpse of the mountains around Ceres.

But I was actually pleasantly surprised once I was able to swallow my fear. The guides at Ceres Zipslide Adventures were incredibly accommodating and somehow managed to turn my trepidation into excitement as they escorted us to the first zipline.

Once strapped into my full body harness we were bundled into the “zipslide bus” and driven 5 km into the mountains. Let me tell you, the scenery was spectacular – and this was only the beginning!

The slides are fast enough and high enough off the ground (the highest point is 40 m) to give you that mild rush of panic, but as you zip along the gorgeous ravines and over the river, you have plenty of time to take in the views.

Included in your booking is a post-zipline drink, which was an incredibly welcome treat at the end of the exhilarating experience.

2. Matroosberg Private Nature Reserve

Matroosberg Private Nature Reserve is a nature lover's haven, where expansive landscapes unfold against the backdrop of the Matroosberg Mountains

Best for: 4×4, hiking, snow

Distance from Ceres: 36 km; 40 mins

Estimated cost: R80 for adults, R60 for children, R250 per 4×4 vehicle, R20 per dog


Did you know that it snows in Cape Town? Okay, not in Cape Town, but during the winter months the surrounding mountains are snow-capped. And the best place to build a snowman is in Matroosberg Nature Reserve. But, since Capetonians seem to be surprised that it snows each winter, you better get there early as the reserve gets full, quickly!

Even if it’s not snowing, Matroosberg is an absolute gem of a destination on the outskirts of Ceres.

There are several accommodation options you can book if you want to stay over to really experience the reserve. I didn’t spend the night, but I have my eye on the 50 Shades of Green cottage for my next romantic weekend getaway!

There’s also camping (both a private and traditional campsite) and a couple of other cottages to choose from. Unfortunately, their beloved Ski Hut was lost in a fire in June 2023.

So, what is there to do if it isn’t snowing? You can go trail running, hiking, 4x4ing, abseiling, mountain biking, kloofing, fishing, birding, and even target shooting. I’m not a hardcore “twitcher” (as they call extreme birders) but I was incredibly excited when I spotted an endangered Red-knobbed Coot on a hike!

3. Klondyke Cherry Farm

Best for: Couples, weekend escape

Distance from Ceres: 32 km; 30 mins

Estimated cost: Cherry picking: R40


Klondyke is incredibly popular – in fact, I heard about Klondyke before I even heard about Ceres!

This cherry farm attracts couples and families from across the Cape throughout the year. But it is especially popular during November and December when the cherries are ripe.

I’m not the biggest cherry lover, but filling my container to the brim with plump red cherries was still really fun. Once I couldn’t fit another cherry into the punnet, we headed over to the farm stall where it was weighed, and I paid for my bounty.

It’s about more than just picking some fruit at Klondyke though. There are also a couple of self-catering cottages on the farm, with the most popular being the Duckpond Cottage. This cosy cottage costs R900 per night for couples and has a fireplace and gorgeous dam views.

All the accommodation, including the campsite, is pet-friendly, which is a rare find in these parts!

If you book in winter, you might be lucky enough to experience snowfall right on the farm.

4. Loxtonia Cider

Loxtonia Cider in Ceres is a refreshing haven for cider enthusiasts, where the crispness of handpicked apples meets the scenic charm of the Western Cape

Best for: Cider aficionados, groups

Distance from Ceres: 10 km; 15 mins

Estimated cost: From R60


So far I’ve not really discovered a cider I like – I usually find it too sweet and tangy. So I went to Loxtonia with some reservations.

I thought maybe I’d just nibble on the cheese platter while my friends did the cider tasting, but when they decided to opt for the Tractor & Trailer experience (R120 pp), I gave in to peer pressure. And how happy I am that I did!

This tasting option had us sipping on seven different ciders, and I swear each one was better than the last. The African Sundowner was my cider of choice, and I ended up buying a 4-pack to take home with me.

I saw on the menu they do a juice tasting for tots, which I think is a great idea so that a family can enjoy the day. They also have non-alcoholic stone fruit cider which was a favourite with my partner who doesn’t drink alcohol.

Loxtonia practises sustainable farming and manufacturing, which is evident with its “Orchard to Bottle” philosophy. The cider mill presses the fresh, hand-picked Ceres Valley apples on site, and the cider is produced without any preservatives or additives.

5. Eselfontein Mountain Biking Route

Eselfontein Mountain Biking Route in Ceres is a thrilling adventure through scenic landscapes, where mountain biking enthusiasts can explore a network of trails surrounded by the natural beauty of the Western Cape

Best for: Mountain bikers

Distance from Ceres: 14 km; 20 min

Estimated cost: R30 for a day pass


There are plenty of mountain biking trails around Ceres, so what makes Eselfontein special? Those in the know say it’s one of the best MTB trails in the country! Plus, it is home to the annual Ceres MTB Festival.

Eselfontein Farm boasts a variety of trails, from smooth rides to rocky inclines. There is a route for almost every skill level, although I recommend complete beginners give these trails a miss as it can quickly become challenging in sections.

The main trail is a 65 km challenging ride that calls for high fitness levels and incredible handling skills. There are shorter trails available that are a bit easier.

Apart from mountain biking, you can stay off the bike and explore the rock formations, marvel at the fynbos and explore the waterfall on the farm. You are welcome to spend the night in the Guest House or Eco Huts that are situated by the dam.

6. Horse About Trails And Adventures

Horse About Trails and Adventures in Ceres offers a unique and leisurely exploration of the Western Cape's natural beauty, where riders can embark on scenic horseback trails through picturesque landscapes

Best for: Outdoor lovers; animal lovers

Distance from Ceres: 26 km; 25 mins

Estimated cost: From R350 pp

Contact: Online contact form

Nothing restores your soul as quickly as experiencing life from horseback. Although I am not 100% comfortable on a horse, I do appreciate their calming presence and slow gait as you amble along.

Horse About is a great experience if you find yourself in the Ceres region, even if you’ve never even touched a horse. The owners are knowledgeable and patient, and it is evident that the horses are well-trained and looked after.

My partner and I booked the 1.5-hour Scenic Trail ride, which meandered through fynbos and forests. Luckily it was just the two of us on the outride, and our guide treated us to a slow trot along one section. I was a bit nervous, but luckily my ride didn’t act up!

The 2-hour Witzenberg Trail is for more experienced riders, so there really is something for everyone here. After our ride, our guide told us of their Romance Packages – which include sundowners or a picnic. The guide even told us he had helped arrange a proposal before!

One thing that’s important to take note of is that there are weight restrictions – people weighing more than 85 kgs are not allowed on the Scenic Trail Ride, and those over 80 kgs must give the Witzenberg Trail a miss. There are safety helmets available at no additional cost, so you can ride easily knowing your brain is safe in the unlikely event of a fall!

7. Waverly Hills

Waverley Hills in Ceres is a sustainable winery and organic farm, where rolling vineyards and the majestic Ceres Valley set the stage for exceptional wine experiences

Best for: Wine tasting, lunch

Distance from Ceres: 17 km; 25 mins

Estimated cost: R70 for a wine tasting


Ceres is part of the Cape Winelands, so it should come as no surprise that wine tasting is one of the most popular things to do in Ceres.

Waverly Hills is a lovely wine estate, situated on the foothills of the Ceres Mountain Range, near Wolseley.

The tasting room is spacious and welcoming, and you get to taste five delicious local wines.

I’m not much of a wine drinker, but I was more than happy to try some of their organic extra virgin olive oil with fresh bread still warm from the oven. I recommend that you try to grab a seat close to the fireplace as the restaurant gets a bit chilly in winter.

8. Ceres Togryers Museum

Ceres Togryers Museum is a captivating journey through time, preserving the history of Ceres' early days as a trading post

Best for: History buffs

Distance from Ceres: In town

Estimated cost: R10 per adult


I didn’t really expect to enjoy the Ceres Togryers Museum (Transport Museum) as much as I did. This fascinating place houses the cultural heritage and history of Ceres. By studying the documents and cultural objects on display, you really get to immerse yourself in what made Ceres what it is today.

You will learn how the transport riders (“togryers” in Afrikaans) struggled to pull their ox wagons over the mountains in the 1800s. There are wagons on display to help you visualise what it must’ve been like back then, and how difficult it must’ve been to navigate mountain ridges and rivers.

The museum involves the local community in projects and education like the “Klokke Projek,” where the history of all the bells in Ceres is being collated. The “Each Street Tells A Story” project encourages the community to share stories about the streets where they grew up.

If you have any questions or you’re not sure what you’re looking at, the staff are more than eager to jump in and help or tell stories of their own experiences in Ceres. I really felt like it was more than just your average museum – it made me understand the people of Ceres and feel like part of the town.

9. Tremor Coffee Bar

Best for: Breakfast, remote work

Distance from Ceres: In town

Estimated cost: R19 for a coffee; ~R50 for food


Whether you’re staying in Ceres or just passing through, Tremor is one of those must-see stops.

This stylish coffee shop is in the heart of the town – the perfect stop for a pastry, cappuccino and a smile from the friendly staff. Since I tend to take my work with me wherever I go, I appreciated the fast WiFi to send off a couple of emails while waiting for my toastie to arrive.

My partner tried the Sweetie Pie Mini Cake, and for someone who doesn’t really have a sweet tooth, she loved it!

At the back, there is a little shop where you can buy local artwork and other delectable treats and teas. And don’t miss their freshly baked breads – I took a sourdough home with me and still reminisce about it often.

10. Ceres Golf Club

Ceres Golf Club is a scenic golfing retreat surrounded by the picturesque landscapes of Ceres

Best for: Golfers, lunch

Distance from Ceres: In town

Estimated cost: From R190 for visitors for 9 holes


On the outskirts of town, you’ll find the lovely nine-hole golf course. This course was recently renovated and today it has some of the best greens I’ve ever seen.

The standout feature of this golf course is the nature that surrounds it. While I was teeing off, I saw a small herd of springbok grazing nearby. The course hugs the slopes of the mountain, meaning there are rich fynbos and birdlife everywhere you look. It’s also incredibly peaceful here because of its location.

It’s definitely not the most challenging course I’ve played, but the crafty design by Danie Obermeyer means it is a gorgeous day out on the fairways.

The restaurant menu is a little bit limited, but we don’t go to the golf course to eat, do we?

Ceres Information

Getting to Ceres

Ceres is a 135 km drive from the centre of Cape Town (taking approximately 1 hour 40 min). You can get there by driving along the N1 highway, through the Huguenot Tunnel (note: there is a toll fee here), until you reach the R101 near the Rawsonville Weigh Bridge.

You’ll stay on the R101 for only a short distance before you turn north on Goudini Way, and then turn left at the t-junction with the R43. Stay on the R43 until just outside of Wolseley where it merges with the R46. The R46 will take you over Mitchell’s Pass and right into Ceres!

Best time to visit Ceres

Ceres is most well-known for the snow, so if that’s your aim, it’s best to go during the winter months. Snow is often seen on the mountains surrounding Ceres in July and August, but you may have to check Snow Report SA to make sure you’re not wasting your petrol to drive there.

However, there are so many things to do in Ceres, that you can visit it any time of year! Cherries are ripe for picking in the summer months, while autumn and spring are perfect for outdoor activities.

Nearby towns

  • Wolseley: 12 km; 12 mins
  • Tulbagh: 26 km; 22 mins
  • Breede River: 21 km; 17 mins
  • Elandsfontein: 31 km; 30 mins


Is Ceres good for a day trip?

The proximity of Ceres to Cape Town makes it perfect for a day trip. But, with wine tastings, cider tastings, and so many other things to do in Ceres, you might want to stay longer! You will not be bored once during your time there, so I would recommend you stay for at least a weekend.

Is there good internet connectivity in Ceres?

Yes, Ceres has fibre and 4G internet, so if you need to work remotely, you will be able to manage. Tremor Coffee Bar has free WiFi, so you can also work from there if you want to get out and see the town while still hitting your deadlines.

What’s the best mode of transport around Ceres?

In the centre of town, you can easily walk around and explore all there is to see. But you’ll need a car to get around to a lot of the things to do in the outskirts of Ceres as there is no reliable public transport. You might also need a 4×4 vehicle if you wish to explore all the magic of Matroosberg Nature Reserve.

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