Kallia Stergianos

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About Kallia

Meet Kallia, one of the leading voices behind the Start Living. The only thing she enjoys more than a good meal is writing a review about it. Kallia’s background as a project manager enables her to juggle all of the moving pieces of running a travel blog. With a strong background in SEO, specifically in link building and outreach, Kallia brings her skillset for partnerships and relationship building to the team.

Kallia’s Travel Experience

Kallia was very fortunate to grow up with parents who showed her the world from a young age. She travelled to the United Kingdom, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Austria, Switzerland, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique with her family. As an adult, she inherited her parent’s love for travel and continued to explore the world. During her travels she has visited Indonesia, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Dubai, Ireland and Scotland. These diverse travel experiences have allowed Kallia to write about travel, dining and experiences from a unique lens.


B.A. in Visual Communication and Design from Stellenbosch University


• Creative Writing
• Graphic Design
• Restaurant Reviews
• Project Management
• Leadership
• Administration


• Running
• Hiking
• Tennis
• Crochet
• Drawing
• Cooking
• Baking
• Writing

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The latest from Kallia

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